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In a cybersecurity meeting with US President Joe Biden, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Apple pledged investments to boost their security efforts
Julio Velazquez, Google Cloud
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Julio Velázquez
Managing Director
Google Cloud Mexico
The amount of data that companies generate is increasing, but it is scattered. Google Cloud helps find, analyze and mine it to make better decisions
Apple pushes back office return
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Out of concern of mounting COVID-19 cases, Apple postponed a return to its offices for a second time.
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The Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare have established an agreement with Cisco to promote technological education.
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Although companies cannot require their employees to be vaccinated or pay for COVID-19 testing, there are exceptions to the rule
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Google aims to train 100 female engineers and student engineers to increase job opportunities in the cloud computing industry
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A Mexican dental tech startup has secured another round of investment to expand its services. In addition, Google announces a startup program.
Cloud Changing How Companies Do Business
Until a few years ago, the cloud was seen as a far-off tool for companies. Today, they are already looking for ways to integrate it.
Tourism was heavily impacted by the pandemic, but it shows signs of recovery, mainly due to tourism infrastructure investment.
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