Cloud storage center
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The Mexican Transport Institute plans to develop an intelligence center to encourage the digitization of Mexico’s logistics data.
Sergio Martínez Torres
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Sergio Martínez Torres
Director of International Sales - Latam
Martínez explains the benefits of better communication systems in mining and JPS tech that is allowing clear radio communication between countries.
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The government has announced an initiative to start digitalizing permit granted to fishermen to speed up processes and prevent illegal practices.
Nathan Shabot, Locusview
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Nathan Shabot
VP Business Development Latin Amercia
Nathan Shabot explains how Locusview has entered the Mexican market to help it overcome its infrastructural challenges.
Felipe Porter, of Beetrack
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Felipe Porter
Vice President of Sales
Beetrack's PlannerPro and LastMile allow clients to optimize and track the journey of deliveries, both B2B and B2C.
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