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Take a closer look at the few automotive companies publicly listed in the Mexican stock Exchange.
Mexico Business Publishing's CEO Jeroen Posma makes a speech during the presentation
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Mexico Business Publishing launched on Wednesday Mexico Oil & Gas Review 2019/2020, the eighth edition of the industry publication, which has…
Jeroen Posma, Director General of Mexico Business Publishing presenting Mexico Business News.
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More than 300 industry leaders present to see the launch of the platform that will . on their fields.
The connection between industry stakeholders and academia also will be essential for the improvement of industry personnel in the medium and long…
Mexico’s oil and gas supply chain is still finding its feet after the 2014 downturn. Optimism sprang from increased activity on awarded blocks, but…
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Luis Ocejo
Senior Managing Director of Maritime Business
Grupo TMM
Grupo TMM provides transport and logistics services across 21 states in Mexico and owns a specialized fleet of vessels for the oil and gas sector.…
MOGS 2019
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Mexico Oil & Gas Summit 2019: Collaborating Toward First Oil panel highlights
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Bidding-round results and PEMEX’s goal to develop 22 new fields have put pressure on service providers to increase competitiveness in their operations
LUIS OCEJO RODRÍGUEZ Senior Managing Director of Maritime Transportation at Grupo TMM
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Luis Ocejo Rodríguez
Senior Managing Director of Maritime Transportation
Grupo TMM
The project where we achieved the most progress is the shipyard in Tampico
The oil company announced in May 2008 that it had awarded two rental contracts for four tankers over a 10-year period.
Pemex officially started its fleet renewal process in January 2008 by publishing an international public tender for the rental of up to five tankers
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