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Grupo Bimbo, Colgate Palmolive, HEB, BBVA, La Comer and Chedraui were recognized for implementing best practices and technological innovations.
Luz Adriana Ramírez
View from the Top
Luz Adriana Ramírez
Country Manager
Visa is taking different steps to guide SMEs into digital payment ecosystems.
N95 face mask
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As the PPE supply chain becomes more crucial by the day, an American company that struck a deal to expand in Mexico illustrates the challenges ahead.
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash
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Given the current global health crisis, companies have been forced to cut costs and target their priorities as wisely as possible.
ecommerce digital
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Opportunities and challenges abound as retailers move to e-commerce during pandemic.
Insight of Christian vega
Christian Vega
Commercial Vice President
HEB Mexico
"We identify the best foods and superfoods and complement eating habits with vitamins and supplements to create a complete wellness lifestyle”
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