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The company plans to start producing chips for the automotive industry to alleviate the shortage that has caused production to shut down.
The Week in Automotive
Weekly Roundups
Some manufacturing plants in North America announced production cuts; Read part of Mexico Automotive Review 2021. This is the week in automotive!
Carbon Neutral - Automotive
Take a closer look into OEMs’ decarbonization plans for the coming decades and the effects these will have on consumers and suppliers.
Edgar Pacheco, Honda Mexico
View from the Top
Edgar Pacheco
Commercial Director
Honda Mexico
Currently, Honda's Celaya plant is producing around 700 units daily and 200,000 units annually, which is enough to supply global demand
Honda Plant in Guangzhou
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While China slowly recovers its manufacturing capacity, automakers in Europe are about to resume production.
Chevrolet Dealership
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Volkswagen, Honda, Ford and Kia announced they are extending their cease in operations, while AMDA responds to AMLO’s address to the nation.
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Car sales decreased a monthly 16.11 percent. Toyota announced credit extensions and Uber will compensate partner drivers. Read more!
Audi Production Site
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The COVID-19 pandemic has shut down automotive operations. However, idle plants may be unlikely allies to the global healthcare system
Weekly Roundups
Automakers around the globe and in Mexico have announced a cease in operations for an average two-week period
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