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Toyota remained first, while Honda and Nissan improved their standing. Meanwhile, Stellantis remained in the last place.
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The automakers aim to increase electric vehicle sales by reducing prices.
An industrial plant
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Just-in-time manufacturing models have been largely adapted by the automotive industry, but supplier challenges are causing some to reconsider.
Weekly Roundup
Weekly Roundups
Volvo, Honda and Renault signed chip deals with Qualcomm to refurbish their vehicles’ infotainment systems. Read this and more in your weekly roundup!
Car interior
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Qualcomm entered the auto industry with several offerings from self-driving car brains to chips for infotainment systems and digital dashboards.
Electric vehicle being charged
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The electric vehicle (EV) tax credit proposed by the US has been internationally citied for violating free trade rules and the USCMA agreement.
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The company plans to start producing chips for the automotive industry to alleviate the shortage that has caused production to shut down.
The Week in Automotive
Weekly Roundups
Some manufacturing plants in North America announced production cuts; Read part of Mexico Automotive Review 2021. This is the week in automotive!
Carbon Neutral - Automotive
Take a closer look into OEMs’ decarbonization plans for the coming decades and the effects these will have on consumers and suppliers.
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