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Javier Potes
Director General
Consorcio Mexicano de Hospitales (CMH)
The role of hospitals in the health system is being refined as they take action to evolve their services.
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Fernando Santiago
Director General
MAG Medical Group
Following a year-long investment strategy, MAG Medical will open its state-of-the-art hospital in the norther region of Mexico City.
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Miguel Khoury
General Director and Chairman of the Board
Hospitales MAC
A competitive business model is driving Hospitales MAC’s accelerated expansion as it works to become the largest hospital chain in Mexico.
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Gustavo Fernández
Director General
Grupo Torre Médica
Read how Grupo Torre Médica stratifies patient profiles to offer suitable payment options that avoid creating financial hardship.
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Horacio Garza
Director General
Educational training and quality care make CHRISTUS MUGUERZA one of the most important medical networks in the country.
IMSS Clinic
News Article
President López Obrador stated that more Bienestar hospitals will be built and will be run by IMSS to aid in the fight against corruption.
Digital Twins Disrupting Healthcare
News Article
The fusion of digital tools has created a safe, effective testing solution for several health processes and developments.
Remote Patient Monitoring Revolutionizing Care
News Article
Interconnectivity has propelled the positive impact of medical devices and medicines through simple phone apps. Find out more here.
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Henry Ederle
Area Sales Manager of the Industrial Division
Borer Chemie
By working with the client, Borer -with the deconex® cleaner products- adapts & responds to existing production requirements for customized…
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