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Luis Lojero
Mural Med
Bringing together patient data is the new goal of the sector. How can this help with treatment? CEO of Mural Med explains in this article.
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José Solís-Padilla
Senior Administrator for International Business Development
Mayo Clinic
A global leader in the medical field, Mayo Clinic continues to impact the lives of patients, spurring innovation through research and education.
Raúl Jacobo Health Manager of CHG-Meridian Mexico
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Raúl Jacobo
Health Manager
CHG-Meridian Mexico
Interconnected Hospital Trend Drives Technology Adoption
Vaccination Campaigns Threatened by Side-Effects
Weekly Roundups
After several accusations against the AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines, immunization campaigns slow down.
Alejandro Gil CEO of Centro Médico Puerta de Hierro
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Alejandro Gil
Director General
Centro Médico Puerta de Hierro
To ensure treatment continuity and prevent COVID-19 contagion, CMPH divided its operations to provide quality care on both fronts.
Daniel Silberman CEO and Cofounder Mediconecta
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Daniel Silberman
CEO and Co-founder
Understanding its target market, Mediconecta was able to create a platform to address healthcare needs amid the pandemic.
Costs Us$1 Billon to Insurers
News Article
COVID-19 has cost the country significantly on many fronts. The insurance sector says it remains strong, however.
Tech Revolutionizing Hospital Management
News Article
Hospital management systems are the first step toward a unified IT system for efficient health services.
Technology Enhancing Patient Care
How can technology improve healthcare provision without replacing human talent?
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