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Ángel Pedraza
Country Manager Mexico
Solenis is planning to strengthen its position in the mining market. Country Manager Angel Pedraza explains the company’s strategy.
Federico Cerdas
Expert Contributor
Federico Cerdas
Global Businesses Inc.
The best course of action is to protect our future and that of our families. Having assets in dollars will always be a safe investment.
Flights Cancelled
Weekly Roundups
Airlines are balancing the opening and closing of flight routes in Mexico in the face of the pandemic as low demand impacted airlines’ profitability.
Oil and gas
News Article
Historic demand destruction has bankrupted Diamond Offshore and could cost the jobs of its 2,500 workers. Is this just the beginning?
We are the only rental/service company with its engineering package backed by an API manufacturer certification
Ernesto Sánchez de Tagle
Director of Latin America Operations
Control Flow
The tighter budgets most oil companies were forced into as a result of the industry downturn are now staples of business, despite the steadied…
luis ferran
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Luis Ferrán
Country Manager
The Mudlogging Company
CEO Luis Ferran highlights the company's strategy regarding procurement of technology and impacting risk reduction in a positive manner.
core analysis
The latest technologies must be employed to generate precise and exact visualizations of the subsoils below their rigs.
john lawrence
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John Lawrence
Petricore CEO John Lawrence highlights the company’s successful efforts to provide local knowledge and quicker turnaround times.
Michele Porrino
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Michele Porrino
Executive Director
WTC Industrial San Luis Potosí (WTC-SLP)
WTC-SLP is the logistics development property of real-estate giant Grupo Valoran
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