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Ángel Pedraza
Country Manager Mexico
Solenis is planning to strengthen its position in the mining market. Country Manager Angel Pedraza explains the company’s strategy.
Considering that over half of the resources in Mexico are located in unconventional plays, the stakes are high for Round 3.3, the first ever…
Guillermo Peña
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Guillermo Peña
Director of PMC Mexico and Central America
PPG Protective & Marine Coatings
Airports require coatings that can resist at least two hours of continuous exposure to heat
DAVID PENCHYNA President of the Energy Commission of the Senate
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David Penchyna
Energy Commission of the Senate
: I can proudly claim that the achievements of the Senate’s Energy Commission have no parallel in recent legislative terms
José Antonio González Anaya
Director General
The opening of Mexico’s oil and gas industry was hit by a perfect storm when the oil prices toppled down to levels not seen in decades
LOURDES MELGAR Undersecretary of Hydrocarbons at the Ministry of Energy
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Lourdes Melgar
Undersecretary of Hydrocarbons
Ministry of Energy
Cantarell is a super-field that once produced close to 2 million b/d and now its production stands at 230,000b/d
CARLOS PASCUAL Senior Vice President of IHS Energy
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Carlos Pascual
Senior Vice President
IHS Energy
Here in Mexico, our most requested services include a combination of technical and policy insights in analyzing the resource potential
MAURICIO BIELAZ Sales Manager Latin America of Lamons
Mauricio Bielaz
Sales Manager Latin America
Lamons' primary business is downstream refining and petrochemicals.
 and enhance productivity that does not require heavy investment is diligent maintenance. “The continuous wear of processing equipment is undoubtedly transformed into inefficiencies that result in poor operational performance. If this is combined with low hydrocarbon prices, it can generate great economic losses for any company in the industry,” says Carlos García, Founding Partner and Director General of Turbomáquinas. According to García, gas and steam turbines as well as axial and centrifugal compressors
Carlos García
Founding Partner and Director General
Turbomáquinas offers a wide array of maintenance and repair solutions to cover virtually any need that customers have for their turbomachinery.
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