Chicoasen Hydroelectric plant, Chiapas
Take a look into the role of hydropower plants in López Obrador’s energy policy and the country’s energy transition.
Weekly Roundups
A renewable energy investor attractiveness ranking, project developments and natural gas prices are among this week’s top stories.
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The Spanish developer of solar assets has a Mexican project portfolio of around 535MW estimated at US$400 million.
Weekly Roundups
New clean energy projects, a new Minister of Finance and climate change are among this week’s top stories.
Worst Drought in 30 Years
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The worst drought in 30 years casts doubt on the feasibility of modernizing aging hydroelectric plants in Mexico.
Renewable Energy more cost efficient than Coal
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Emerging economies no longer have to choose between meeting energy demands and sustainability as renewable technologies continually improve.
Weekly Roundups
CFE’s solar plans, LNG developments and natural gas imports are among this week’s top stories.
Weekly Roundups
Budding hydrogen investments, doubts about hydroelectricity, radioactive waste and an IPO are among this week’s top stories.
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The state utility has outlined billions in investment and discussed issues that reached the news cycle.
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