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IMSS announced a deadline extension for the Labor Law Reform, how are companies adapting?
Unemployment in CDMX
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Consistent unemployment in Mexico City may hurt the country’s economic recovery.
IMSS Clinic
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President López Obrador stated that more Bienestar hospitals will be built and will be run by IMSS to aid in the fight against corruption.
Rafael Gual
Expert Contributor
Rafael Gual
Director General
National Chamber of the Pharmaceutical Industry – CANIFARMA
What was the origin of the health supply shortage in Mexico, what role did the government play and what has been the result of the UNOPS decision?
Mexico to Reach 40 Percent of Vaccinated Adults
Weekly Roundups
Vaccine rollouts slowed down in June, while the economic reopening and educational activities resumed.
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IMSS will begin a campaign to maximize its efforts to resume interrupted treatments and getting up to date on medical care.
Gavel on black background
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Eight companies were fined after irregularities were found in their contracts or the services provided.
economic recovery, Mexico, economy
What will it take for Mexico to accelerate its economic recovery? Monetary policy and fiscal stimulus will play a key role
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Weekly Roundups
Mexico saw a poor recovery in its labor marker led mainly by construction, manufacturing and telecommunications. This and more in this week’s roundup
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