Javier Cordero
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Javier Cordero
Director General
Red Hat México
Red Hat is a multinational software company that provides open source software products to enterprises.
Eric Villagomez - Green Energy Development
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Eric Villagómez
Green Energy Development
Learn more about how to save up to 13 percent on your annual fuel budget by integrating the right technology.
Toyota Woven city
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Toyota Research Institute - Advanced Development announced the creation of Woven Capital, a US$800 million investment fund.
Louise-Eglantine Guillaume
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Louise-Eglantine Guillaume
Head of Sustainability, Compliance and Institutional Affairs
In adverse times, there are huge opportunities to evolve with creativity, science, technology and innovation. Decathlon is embodying this spirit.
Federico Cerdas, CEO at Global Businesses
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Federico Cerdas
Global Businesses Inc
The pandemic will not only kill many Mexicans, but it will also permanently close the curtains of many businesses. What can be done about this?
Roberlo - Hector Blanco
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Hector Blanco
Country Manager and Commercial Director
Aftermarket opportunities are also present in the paints and coatings segment, Roberlo's country manager explains.
Luis Aaron Jiménez, of Assetel
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Luis Aaron Jiménez
Co-founder and President
Assetel helps companies to focus on their own business, while leaving the technology aspect to them.
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Innovation is usually thought of in terms of technology, but it is a much broader concept.
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The COVID-19 pandemic may accelerate the automation revolution.
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