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Startup Valoreo received over US$50 million in its latest seed round. What are its plans for the future?
Elena Espinoza
View from the Top
Elena Espinoza
Acting Head of Social Issues
Elena Espinoza explains how PRI promotes ESG practices in investments and the impact from mining companies on societies and climate change.
Weekly Roundups
Interview with MexiCoven and news stories concerning Volkswagen and Tesla. This is the Week in Automotive!
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Increasing demand has driven Canadian investments in the Mexican mining sector and higher profits for Mexican companies.
UK - Mexico
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Learn more about the UK Department for International Trade’s outlook on the opportunities for the automotive and advanced engineering sectors.
Luis Barrios
View from the Top
Luis Barrios
Chairman and CEO
Hoteles City Express
Hoteles City Express is a Mexican hotel chain focused on business tourism. It is Mexico’s second-largest hotel chain.
JOSÉ ORNELAS Director General of MEXMOT
José Ornelas
Director General
Securing the services of a highly diversified international company can be like walking through a maze.
MOGS 2015
News Article
Mexico Oil & Gas Summit 2015: PEMEX’s Ambitions as a Productive Enterprise of the State presentation highlights
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