Mine workings
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CAMIMEX reports the mining industry has been a great engine for the Mexican economy.
Altaley Mining
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Altaley has begun an extensive metallurgical testing program to examine the possibility of increasing its base metal and precious metal recoveries.
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Sonora's mining sector is expected to shine in 2021, as high metal prices and the decline of the COVID-19 pandemic are driving production levels.
Solar Panel
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Torex Gold announced an agreement with Scatec to build a new 8.5-megawatt solar plant at its Morelos property.
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Startup Valoreo received over US$50 million in its latest seed round. What are its plans for the future?
Elena Espinoza
View from the Top
Elena Espinoza
Acting Head of Social Issues
Elena Espinoza explains how PRI promotes ESG practices in investments and the impact from mining companies on societies and climate change.
Weekly Roundups
Interview with MexiCoven and news stories concerning Volkswagen and Tesla. This is the Week in Automotive!
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Increasing demand has driven Canadian investments in the Mexican mining sector and higher profits for Mexican companies.
UK - Mexico
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Learn more about the UK Department for International Trade’s outlook on the opportunities for the automotive and advanced engineering sectors.
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