A doctor puts on medical gloves.
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Due to a rapid increase in infections over the past week, ISSSTE advised medical professionals to prepare for the fourth COVID-19 wave.
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Government institutions BIRMEX and ISSSTE will have new leadership as the Ministry of Health moves to Guerrero.
ISSSTE UMF in Oaxaca
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Luis Antonio Ramírez, Director General of ISSSTE, exhorted young doctors to develop their carriers in remote territories.
Gavel on black background
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Eight companies were fined after irregularities were found in their contracts or the services provided.
Mexico’s Right to Health
Health in Mexico is a recognized human right. Can the country say this is true for everyone?
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Mexico’s private sector offered to help distribute the newly arrived COVID-19 vaccines.
INSABI’s national medical coordinator Alejandro Svarch during today's daily briefing.
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Highlights: AMLO rejects Tabasco governor’s claim, defends state company. Positions for health professionals double, MX$2.5 billion allocated…
President López Obrador noted that Argentina restructured 99 percent of its debt in today's briefing.
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Highlights: AMLO explains SEMARNAT head’s resignation, names Luisa María Albores. Anticipates no tax or debt increase in next year’s budget…
Health Promotion head Ricardo Cortés during today's special COVID-19 briefing.
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The Ministry of Health reports 63,146 accumulated deaths and 585,738 positive COVID-19 cases. Over 650,862 patients have tested negative to the virus.
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