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Endeavour Silver has completed a feasibility study in their Terronera mine in Jalisco with promising results.
Alvaro Azpeitia, Jalisco Chamber Jewelry, Camara Joyeria Jalisco
View from the Top
Álvaro Azpeitia
Jalisco Chamber of Jewelry
Despite lockdowns and exhibition closures, the Mexican jewelry industry achieved 2 percent growth in 2020 supported by digital sales
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Downstream prices and production levels reveal a contradictory strategy for the NOC.
The Week in Automotive
Weekly Roundups
Do not miss our interview with the heads of Toyota and Siemens México and learn how the industry is evolving. This is the week in automotive!
Federico de Arteaga
Expert Contributor
Federico de Arteaga
Head of Project
Tequila Inteligente
Technology in cities should be in the background, providing certainty in services, hygiene, safety, communication, education, culture and knowledge.
Jalisco Transporte Electrico
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Jalisco inaugurates its first fully electric bus line as part of the state’s sustainability goals.
Weekly Roundups
Transisthmic Corridor workers interrupted the President’s speech to protest alleged lack of payment. This and more in this week’s roundup!
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The refinery’s construction process has been described in contradictory ways in official reports.
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A train with 108 wagons got derailed and crashed into four homes killing one person.
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