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The Federal Government intends to renew 34 agricultural systems in order to stimulate economic reactivation whilst bolstering food security.
President López Obrador, Jesús Seade and Minister of Interior Olga Sanchez during the ceremony where the former USMCA negotiator received the Miguel Hidalgo Award.
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Highlights: National Workers’ Fund for Housing will give more loans. Negotiator in the USMCA trade treaty steps away. Defends decision on US, Biden…
Arturo Reyes
Expert Contributor
Arturo Reyes
Confederation of Customs Agents Associations of Mexico (CAAAREM)|CAAAREM
Mexico has capitalized on the best of two worlds, multilateralism and bilateral agreements. This master stroke has positioned it as a global leader.
National Institute of Public Health (INSP) surveys head Teresa Shamah in today's briefing.
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Daily increases of 3,571 cases and 266 deaths stand out among the lowest recorded in recent weeks. Ministry of Health reports 37,867 active cases
President López Obrador, Minister of Health Jorge Alcocer and Minister of Foreign Affairs Marcelo Ebrard during today's briefing.
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Highlights: AMLO will ask Canada’s ambassador to convince mining companies to pay. Seade can fight unilateral closing of borders or tariffs…
Jesús Seade
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Nominations for candidates to the general direction of the WTO start today. Mexico proposed its Deputy Minister for North America.
USMCA's ratification is on sight now that changes have been made to appease Democrat naysayers. However, compromises had to be made, which may…
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