Distributed generation in the domestic industrial sector and in small and medium-sized companies is the alternative for the solar industry in Mexico
by Andrea Villar
Ricardo Cardell
Ricardo Cardiel
Latin American Rainmakers

Our 20-year experience in the electricity sector made renewable energy the logical next step for growing our business. We consolidated our added value by integrating five must-haves in the electricity sector and applied them to renewable energy. First, a firm grasp of the industry’s regulatory framework. Second, project financing, since it is the backbone of any project. Third, technology; by using the discounted cash flow (DCF) method, we can select the technology that is best suited for a project, based on ROI criteria. Fourth, we incorporated EPC solutions in our portfolio. Last, but definitely not least, commercial strategy. All the previous elements are rendered useless without a landed PPA to sell the project. 

International newcomers, recently created companies and veteran corporations looking to branch out toward attractive sectors.
View from the Top
Juan Ávila
Director General
Top Energy
Top Energy is a Spanish company created in 2002. It has had a presence in Mexico since 2013
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