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The results are in: indigenous communities approve only one of three pig farms in Yucatan.
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Tiago Arantes
General Director
MSD Animal Health in Mexico
Animal and human health are closely related. Multinational pharmaceutical MSD works on both through its “integral health” approach.
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Mexico has established itself as the third-largest agricultural producer in Latin America and the industry is expected to grow 0.5 percent.
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GCMA has offered some recommendations on how the government should approach the phasing out of transgenic corn and glyphosate.
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Milk consumption rose during home office period.
Matthias Ripp
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The decree, which could have a major impact on rural production, is dividing the agricultural landscape.
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The famous nochebuena suffered at the hands of the pandemic this year.
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Droughts will likely mean an increase in basic grain imports next year.
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