Salvador Orozco
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Salvador Orozco
Sales Director
Bechem Lubrication Technology
Bechem’s Salvador Orozco discusses the importance of tribology, new lubricants and metalworking fluids for the automotive sector.
Bechem Lubrication Technology - Claudia Mora
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Claudia Mora
Director General
Bechem Lubrication Technology Mexico
Learn more about how lubricant technology is adapting to EVs and Bechem’s strategies in the Mexican market.
Mauricio Esponda - Quaker State Mexico
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Mauricio Esponda
Quaker State Mexico
Amid the pandemic, Quaker State continues to operate and gain market share in the transportation, industrial and PCMO segments.
des case
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Joanna Chisholm
Business Development Coordinator Latin America
Des-Case Corporation
Lubricant affects equipment throughout the whole industrial process. It is like blood in the human body.
Rene Freudenberg, of Interlub
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René Freudenberg
In lubricants, there is always a gap that standardized products cannot cover.
Patricio Orendain
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Patricio Orendain
Director of Oil & Gas
Grupo Pochteca
In this article, Grupo Pochteca’s director highlights the company’s solutions and on the outlook it has in the Mexican market.
Brian Mitchell, President & CEO of Spectro Incorporated
Brian Mitchell
President & CEO
Spectro Incorporated
“Testing the oil and lubricant allows companies to preemptively take that system out of operation, service or repair it,”
The system enables operators to operate machinery and equipment more efficiently, resulting in improved safety, reduced downtime, increased component…
Some of the lubricant analyzer’s most remarkable elements are: comprehensive fluid analysis that uses an integrated software approach
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