President López Obrador
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“Historical truth” of the previous government deemed to be completely false/Families of trapped miners complain about the government’s rescue strategy
An Official Recognition to The Current National Heroes
Weekly Roundups
On Independence Day, Mexico put the medical staff at the center of the celebrations.
A Deaf Call For Unity In The Mexican Healthcare Sector
Weekly Roundups
Despite the public and private sectors declaring their will to cooperate, being on the same page is key to begin action.
Mexican Army  (CC BY-ND 2.0)
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The president decided to put Mexico's ports and customs in the hands of the armed forces due to Mexico's insecurity and drug trafficking…
A Call for Public Health Improvement
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Mexico’s public healthcare challenges have all come to light amid the global pandemic.
José Alarcón
View from the Top
José Alarcón
Partner and Lead of Health Services
Healthcare is cut, the only way to move forward is with pressure from organized society, the private sector or even international organizations
Mikel Arriola holds a degree in Law from the University of Anahuac North, a Master’s degree in Public Policies and Public Administration from LSE.
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