Fluvio Ruiz Alarcon
View from the Top
Fluvio Ruiz Alarcón
Independent Oil and Gas Analyst and Former Independent Advisory Board Member
"The first question to answer is why does PEMEX want to reach this specific production goal. These production levels may not prove profitable.…
The Role of Oil and Gas in Mexico's Future
Several factors could influence the role of oil and gas in the global energy mix and major countries will shape the path ahead.
Operator Priorities: What Should Come Next and Why?
Operators in Mexico move forward with their investments as they wait for a clear path forward concerning their role in the sector’s development.
Unlocking Mexico’s Deepwater Potential
Expert perspectives on road ahead for deepwater projects, with panelists highlighting that they have no doubt that projects continue to advance.
Focal Points: Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity
This panel discussion focuses on the crucial issue of cybersecurity and digital transformation in the oil and gas industry
The Future of Fuel Distribution
The future of Mexico’s fuel retail sector, including new technologies and services at gas stations along with the market’s recovery after COVID-19.
Minimizing Financial Legal and Operational Risk in the New Normal
Panelists at Mexico Oil & Gas Summit discussed the relative centrality of PEMEX to the question of risk factors surrounding the industry.
Project Execution and Supply Chain Resilience Image Video
Focus on the main issues from a supply chain perspective, kicking off with how delayed payments from PEMEX to companies have been overcome.
Contracting with Operators: Demand Outlook
Marcos Ávalos’ presentation addresses the new methodology that defines the amount of national content in upstream oil and gas operations.
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