Weekly Roundups
On the day of its inauguration, the new airport received its first commercial and international flights.
An overview of one of the most important projects of the current AMLO administration.
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According to aeronautical engineers, Santa Lucia will not be able to support the expected passenger demand within the next five years.
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Agustín Caso, auditor responsible for the report on the cost of NAIM’s cancellation, said there was no mistake in the methodology used in the audit.
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Highlights: SSPC presents plan to protect candidates in elections, which will be voluntary. NAIM controversy could have been planned from below.
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After the ASF controversy, President Lopez Obrador said the Mayan Train will be financed by the savings obtained from NAIM's cancellation.
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The controversy surrounding the latest audit report from ASF may have some detrimental consequences.
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Guillermo Ortiz
Consorcio IUYET provides onsight BIM technology services, lifting infrastructure planning to the next level.
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Weekly Roundups
Anthropological discoveries in the Santa Lucia airport construction site need protection, according to INAH. This and more in this week’s roundup!
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