Fluvio Ruíz Alarcón
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Fluvio Ruíz Alarcón
Senate of the Republic
To export or not to export crude oil? That seems to be the dilemma Mexico’s federal government has been facing for months, writes Fluvio Ruíz Alarcón.
President Andrés Manuel López Obrador
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Mexico’s federal government pledges support for the struggling NOC as it looks for steady ground during unprecedented volatility
The medium range ships hired by PEMEX are scheduled to arrive to Mexico by April
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PEMEX PMI is planning to import up to nine more shipments in addition to two purchased early in March, totaling 2.7 million barrels of fuels
Gas Station
Weekly Roundups
The administration fell short of achieving its refining goals for 2019, despite increased investment.
Tula refinery fell 15 percent in 2019, processing on average 121,154 barrels per day and a utilizing 38.4 percent of its installed capacity.
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In 2019 an average of 592,010 barrels per day were transformed into fuels with the SNR working at 36.1 percent of production capacity.
MOGD 2019
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Mexico Oil & Gas Summit 2019: Dos Bocas Only One Piece of the Puzzle presentation highlights
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