Supporting Employee Mental Health in the Post COVID-19 Era
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The pandemic redefined mental health in the workplace and revolutionized companies’ actions to address this issue.
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The company faces challenges as more than 60 percent of its products are not healthy with ongoing pressure as obesity and diabetes trends accelerating
Books 2020, favorite books 2020, 2020 readings
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Here’s a list of 21 Mexican leaders who shared their best reads of the year with Mexico Business News
Cocao fruit
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Víctor Villalobos said agriculture would be key to recovery during the opening of the virtual World Agrifood Forum.
Juan Carlos Peralejo, Nestle
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Juan Carlos Peralejo-Serrano
Vice President of Chocolate and Confectionery
Nestlé Mexico
Only 40 percent of the cocoa harvested in Mexico can be used for factory processing. Nestlé is working to increase this figure by helping farmers
Cargo Ship
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United Producers of Mexico’s new sea route reduced shipping time from Mexico to the EU to 12 days.
New labels
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At a virtual summit this week, the director general of Nestlé Mexico criticized the way in which the label reform was implemented.
Softdrink bottles
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The modifications to NOM-051 were officially enforced on Oct. 1. Already companies have reformulated the composition of some of their products.
Soda drinks
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Coca-Cola FEMSA is not going to let the new labeling reform stand without a fight.
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