Urgent to Address Mental Health
COVID-19 exacerbated mental health issues. The pandemic triggered many conditions and also evidenced how poorly addressed this subject is.
Mental Health: Priority for Future Policies
News Article
The Congress approved a reform to prioritize mental health and addictions in health programs.
Obesity: Decades-Long Epidemic in Mexico
Mexico heads the list of countries suffering from obesity. Are the current policies enough to fight this threatening disease?
Mexico’s Response to COVID-19 Found Wanting
News Article
Inequalities come to light as countries face the COVID-19 pandemic in different ways.
Long-Term Public-Private Collaboration to Fight COVID-19
News Article
How can an alliance between public-private sectors mitigate the negative impact of COVID-19?
How can apps support hospitals during a pandemic? In this article, experts explain their functionality.
Oliva López Arellano Minister of Health of Mexico City
View from the Top
Oliva López
Minister of Health of Mexico City
Ministry of Health
Mexico City’s reaction to the pandemic is key to battle COVID-19. Minister of health of Mexico City shares their actions to face the pandemic.
Shanghai Flight
Weekly Roundups
The first case of coronavirus is confirmed and airports increase health security. This and more in the Week in Aerospace!
Analysis healthcare investment
While Mexico’s chronic disease epidemic continues unabated, new hurdles have arisen.
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