PEMEX gas station
Weekly Roundups
PEMEX is dragged into another corruption scandal as Dutch trader Vitol accepts bribery charges.
Gas Station
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The association argues that station employees fall under the essential worker banner.
The Future of Fuel Distribution
The future of Mexico’s fuel retail sector, including new technologies and services at gas stations along with the market’s recovery after COVID-19.
MOGS 2020
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Day 2 of MOGS 2020 continues with the panel "The Future of Fuel Distribution"
Gas Station
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ONEXPO says there is a shortage of equipment, while service providers say gas station operators acted too late.
roberto diaz de leon onexpo
View from the Top
Roberto Díaz de León
National President
"We implemented the necessary protocols in a timely manner and contributed to making the industry’s customers feel safe while interacting with…
bernardo cardona deloitte
View from the Top
Bernardo Cardona
Oil & Gas Industry Lead Partner
Deloitte Consulting Mexico
"We identify six general areas of differentiation. Each area plays a different role in our new normality as defined by COVID-19."
News Article
PEMEX has issued a force majeure to delay gas imports as storage continues spilling over.
Lazaro Cardenas Refinery, PEMEX
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Storage problems and low fuel sales means there is nowhere to go for arriving imports.
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