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Over 1,000 health professionals committed to address Mexico’s obesity epidemic without stigma.
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Obesity and diabetes are an epidemic of its own in Mexico and those affected are also more vulnerable to COVID-19.
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Facing an obesity epidemic that leads to a rise in instances of diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases, Mexico is pushing prevention
Carlos López
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Carlos López
Director General
Medix has been dedicated to the fight against overweight and obesity since its inception in 1940, providing integral solutions
A chronic disease, diabetes impacts the sufferer for life and has a variety of devastating side effects
In recent decades, diabetes has crept into people’s lives to become a main cause of mortality in Mexico.
If we perform a risky surgery we talk to our patients and explain to them the many possible outcomes and make suggestions regarding their preparation…
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Jorge Treviño
Anti-Obesity Center
If we do not teach our children the correct eating habits, it is easier for them to suffer from obesity the rest of their lives.
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