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Marcos Pascual
Commercial Director
Pharmacies have been a constant support system for patients battling COVID-19, which makes vaccination essential for employees.
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With more tests made available and new technology for vaccine distribution, there are new possibilities to fight the pandemic.
Pharmacy-Adjacent Medical Offices: Solution to Increase Access
What benefits can pharmacy-adjacent clinics bring to the Mexican population?
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What benefits can pharmacy-adjacent clinics bring to the Mexican population?
Gabriel Zavala Commercial Executive Director at Farmacias del Ahorro
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Gabriel Zavala
Commercial Executive Director
Farmacias del Ahorro
Thanks to its wide reach, Farmacias de Ahorro has become the most affordable and complete option to treat diverse ailments.
Santiago González, Operations Director Mexico of Farmacias YZA
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Santiago González
Operations Director Mexico
Farmacias YZA
As pharmacies incorporate more services to their offering, their role as primary care providers become more significant.
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Lourdes López
Executive Director
The National Association of Medicine Distributors (ANADIM)
Due to their quality and affordability, pharmacy-adjacent medical offices are primed to provide healthcare even in difficult situations.
Alejandro Solís
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Alejandro Solís
Director General
Rappi México
Since our last interview, Rappi has taken significant leaps to become a super app.
A New Challenge for Pharmacies
Mexico changed the role of pharmacies when, by law, a medical consultation was needed to purchase medicine
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