CFE workers
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A worker accident caused a major blackout, leaving the Yucatan Peninsula without electricity, reported CFE.
Mayan Train
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After the publication of the EIA, the federal government open a consultation for society to asses Section 5 South’s viability.
Mayan Train
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A federal judge dictated a definitive suspension against construction of the Section 5 South of the Mayan Train.
Workers at the Mayan Train
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Due to the lack of environmental impact studies and high risk of irreparable damage, a local court suspended the Mayan Train’s works.
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After reroute in Playa del Carmen, the government announced the expropriation of 198 properties in the Mayan Riviera.
Image by Michael Gaida
Weekly Roundups
The Mexico-US border is going green, Tequila remains “unshakeable” and Southeast Mexico gains traction for real estate developers.
Christopher Gill, SIMCA
View from the Top
Christopher Gill
Commercial Director
SIMCA Desarrollos
Tourists who discovered the Mexican southeast during the pandemic have opened up great opportunities for real estate developers like SIMCA
Tourism was heavily impacted by the pandemic, but it shows signs of recovery, mainly due to tourism infrastructure investment.
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The governor of Yucatán announced the arrival of a big investment coming from 17 different companies.
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