Carolina Gómez, Consultant
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Carolina Gómez
Mexico’s health system must focus on securing its medicine supply and fostering prevention and primary care, says Carolina Gómez.
Andrés Castañeda, Nosotrxs
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Andrés Castañeda
Health and Wellness Coordinator
Through research-based initiatives, Nosotrxs aims to empower both doctors and patients, says Health and Wellness Coordinator Andrés Castañeda.
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Weekly Roundups
President Lopez Obrador introduced a plan to tackle the country’s rising inflation. Read more about it in this week’s roundup!
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Weekly Roundups
Health is taking a fundamental role in Mexico’s foreign relations.
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Maternal mortality is one of the leading causes of death for women of reproductive age.
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Menstrual health should be integrated into economic plans to eradicate period poverty.
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Weekly Roundups
This week, several health providers announced their efforts to improve healthcare.
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As COVID-19 infections and deaths decrease, Mexico’s health system is ready to move to the next stage.
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Weekly Roundups
Mexico has begun to shift to preventive health models through collaborative programs.
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