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COPARMEX announced that Chetumal will offer a free trade area with the objective of diversifying the state’s economy and attracting more investment
Bombardier Learjet
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Bombardier announced that it secured a US$1 billion loan to weather the COVID-19 pandemic.
General Rodríguez Quezada
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Major General Rodolfo Rodríguez Quezada
FAMEX is a biannual event for the aerospace industry in Mexico. Its next edition will be held at the Queretaro Intercontinental Airport
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For a generation of people who lived through 2008, no two words sound scarier than “housing bubble.” How vulnerable is Mexico?
Advance Real Estate
While Mexico has no shortage of options when it comes to industrial parks, it takes certain characteristics for one to qualify as top-of-the-line.
SCHUNK - Marcos Sepúlveda
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Marcos Sepúlveda
Director General México and Latin America
Director General México of SCHUNK shares its view on the keys to asure competitiveness and good results in the metal-mechanic industry.
Is Mexico Rushing to the New Normal?
Weekly Roundups
Figures show that Mexico is far from overcoming COVID-19. However, the economic reactivation has begun.
GAP Store
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While Mexico City delays the reopening of retail trade, industry giants are adapting to maintain their competitiveness.
Weekly Roundups
The third edition of Famex will be an engine for the Mexican economy and for exhibitors in 2021.
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