World Hemophilia Day
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The disease requires attention from both the general public and policymakers to boost early diagnosis and treatment.
David López
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David López
David López
Rare Disease Expert
Legislation and education are necessary to rapidly diagnose rare diseases and provide adequate treatment.
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Nicolás Linares
Executive Director and General Manager
Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical
The discussion regarding rare diseases should focus on outcomes and impact instead of cost, says Ultragenyx’s Nicolás Linares.
Scientific Research
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Mexico lacks updated data on rare diseases, in part because there is no official date for the restart of its National Census of Rare Diseases.
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Mexico is taking action to improve attention and care provision to those suffering from rare diseases. Learn more here
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Estefanía Torres
Therapeutic Area Lead
Technological solutions that accelerate data analysis can help pharmaceutical companies identify solutions faster, says Takeda.
 Sam Moqadam on Unsplash
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The European Commission approved the use of Biomarin’s treatment for achondroplasia, one of the most common forms of dwarfism.
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Fernando Sampaio
Country Lead and General Manager
Sanofi Mexico and Sanofi Pasteur
After bringing its personalized solutions and a vaccine production plant to Mexico, Sanofi is now developing and producing COVID-19 vaccines.
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