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The president announced that even if his electricity reform is not approved, no lithium concessions will be granted.
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López Obrador sent the electricity reform to congress, which seeks to give the State exclusive control of the country's lithium reserves.
Camino Rojo
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Minera Camino Rojo expects to complete the construction of its Camino Rojo Project and begin production in early 2022.
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US interest rate projections and China's plan to release its reserves caused prices of precious metals to fall, as well as mining stocks.
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Both companies have reached an agreement and, Wheaton will pay US$150 million for 50 percent of Cozamin’s silver output.
vicente gonzales davila
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Vicente González Dávila
Director General
Geo Estratos
"To us, capital invested in the development of these new technologies is not risk capital at all but a safe investment in our own added value.…
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Government strategies and well accesss have increased PEMEX’s 3P reserves by 65 percent when compared to 2018 records.
joseph wolfe
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Joseph Wolfe
Vice President
Netherland, Sewell & Associates
Netherland, Sewell & Associates can create the framework necessary to give investors certainty in what is being reported by the industry.
Ultra-light crude, convenient onshore location, giant reserves: great characteristics for PEMEX’s new major discovery.
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