Rafael Parrilha
View from the Top
Rafael Parrilha
Director General
Bureau Veritas
Bureau Veritas is a global leader in testing, inspection, and certification (TIC).
However, when it comes to building a workable compensation scheme for deepwater projects, this is the healthiest option available.
Licenses are now set to be the contracting model of choice for the development of the Mexican deepwater sector.
Perdido is the deepwater region, located 180km east from the coast of Tamaulipas, where PEMEX made its first deepwater deepwater oil discoveries.
At the same time, we believe that we will also be complementing the technical experience of foreign shale operators with our local proficiency in…
Jorge Jiménez
López Velarde, Heftye & Soria
López Velarde, Heftye & Soria (LVHS) is certain that Mexico’s northern territory will go through an opportunity boom sooner rather than later.
First Round
Operated by PEMEX for around 50 years, Magallanes is located in Tabasco.
Schlumberger has already conducted some workshops with PEMEX, where our experts are brought in to share the logistical challenges of mass shale…
Arindam Bhattacharya
President of Mexico and Central America
Schlumberger is helping PEMEX, IMP, and COMESA to carry out the exploration surveys necessary to delimit the potential of these shale areas in Mexico.
Mexico has the conditions to become an energy hub given the amount of resources it has, all we have to do is do it right.
The shale oil and gas business has taken pride of place globally as new solutions are sought for future energy needs.
Once this initial period is completed, Baker Hughes will have 30 years to maximize long-term production.
Baker Hughes’ main objective is to become a partner of choice for PEMEX in the development of Chicontepec, building on its performance in Corralillo.
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