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More and more businesses are asking to reopen but not all have been able to due to lingering health concerns.
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After restaurants got the opportunity to open with certain restrictions, more businesses are asking for the same treatment.
Sharon Hahn Darlin
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Due to pressure from restaurants and several associations, the government of Mexico City decided to compromise and open up terraces.
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Since Monday, restaurants in Mexico City have received diners at open-air spaces.
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Both companies recently released this program to support Mexican restaurants that have been affected by the pandemic.
Mexican Restaurant
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Restauranteurs in Puebla speak against onsite dining restrictions after the government extends the lockdown period.
Restaurant plating
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After weeks of outcry from restaurant groups, the Ministry of Economy has stated it is willing to explore more ways to support the industry.
Claudia Sheinbaum
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Restaurants warn that if they cannot receive diners, they will disappear.
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Due to recent spikes in COVID-19, there is a possibility that restaurants may have to close, bringing more losses and new problems. issues.
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