Strategic Alliances to Tackle Security Challnges
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Industry leaders form alliances and prepare to take on the cybersecurity challenges of 2022.
"For Hire" sign
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Talent shortage, hiring, burnout, retention, attrition and employee well-being remain top priorities among North American leading companies.
michael gunther
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Michael Günther
Senior Vice President and Executive Director
Marsh JLT Industry Speciality Mexico
According to Marsh specialists, Chief Risk Officer is a position that should exist more often within the boardrooms of oil and gas majors.
roseanne franco
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RoseAnne Franco
Former Head of Oil and Gas Risk
Verisk Maplecroft
Companies like Verisk Maplecroft can simplify the seemingly insurmountable task of assessing operational risk in Mexico.
Roberto Campero
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Roberto Campero
Managing Partner for Mexico
Eclipse Solutions
Eclipse Solutions minimizes the impact of insecurity through a portfolio that includes both Mexican and US former military personnel.
Jurgen segelbacher
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Jurgen Segelbacher
Technical Services Director
Munich Re
Munich Re is a global reinsurance group that mitigates risk factors.
Jan Frowijn
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Jan Frowijn
Director General
Rosen Group Mexico
The Rosen Group is a worldwide provider of cutting-edge solutions in all areas of the integrity process chain for pipelines.
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