Cocao fruit
Weekly Roundups
Víctor Villalobos said agriculture would be key to recovery during the opening of the virtual World Agrifood Forum.
Corn field
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Victor Villalobos is adamant that government policy will lead to national self-sufficiency in basic grains. However, his promise is facing skepticism.
Maize field
Miguel García Winder was an advocate for sustainable agriculture. How did his departure from the Ministry of Agriculture impact policy?
Agricultural field
Weekly Roundups
INEGI figures published this week demonstrate the strength and resilience of the agricultural sector amid the pandemic.
Cargo Ship
Weekly Roundups
United Producers of Mexico’s new sea route reduced shipping time from Mexico to the EU to 12 days.
Tequila, Jalisco
Weekly Roundups
Companies abroad should abide by rules on the use of the Tequila name, the Tequila Regulatory Council demands.
Dutch landscape
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A virtual trade mission started on Tuesday to strengthen collaboration between both countries in agricultural production and sustainability.
Red Corn
Weekly Roundups
The fertilizer delivery program has booked significant advances in Guerrero over the last two years.
Avocado tree
Weekly Roundups
With a new trade agreement, new labeling laws and an ongoing pandemic, representatives in Jalisco have decided to create a guide to help producers.
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