In its new report, the group gave a clear outline of where the country is headed in economic and investment matters.
Hugo Freytes, Country Manager México, Salesforce
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Hugo Freytes
Country Manager México
Both technology and a human touch are necessary for success, says Hugo Freytes, Country Manager México for Salesforce.
Image by Klimkin from Pixabay
Weekly Roundups
INEGI reported that Mexico is suffering from inflation unseen since 2000. This and more in the weekly roundup.
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The 10 Spanish-speaking Latin American startups entering the venture capital program are announced.
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Weekly Roundups
The rating agency announced new ratings for CFE and PEMEX. This and more in this week’s weekly roundup.
Nathan Schorr
Startup Contributor
Nathan Schorr
Those businesses that have the ability to acquire data, analyze it and take agile and timely actions will be the great winners, writes Nathan Schorr.
René Espinosa, President, FEMIA; Plant Manager, Metal Finishing Company
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René Espinosa
President/ Plant Manager
FEMIA / Metal Finishing Company
The aerospace sector will begin recovering by late 2022 and realize a full recovery by 2024, says René Espinosa, President of FEMIA.
Matias Gordillo, CEO, Kinsu
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Matias Gordillo
Kinsu is transforming the insurance sector by introducing gig workers into insurance to solve the distribution problem, reducing the protection gap.
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In a world on high alert, what must be seen as a priority toward global recovery?
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