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The government and several institutes show their commitment to help the reactivation of the economy.
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Konfío is making large investments in Mexico to change the loaning system for SMEs. How does the company plan to change the game?
Juana Rodriguez
View from the Top
Juana Ramírez
Juana Ramirez, President of ASEM, tells MBN about the development of the entrepreneurial landscape in Mexico and the priorities ahead.
Fernando Padilla
Expert Contributor
Fernando Padilla
Having a multipurpose financial company as an ally, in addition to being a complement to any other source of financing, has great advantages.
crisis, drowning
Weekly Roundups
From May to September, the crisis generated by COVID-19 left a balance of 390,000 economic units less, reported INEGI
Enrique Marún
Startup Contributor
Enrique Marú
Chief Revenue Officer
Digitization goes far beyond just increasing your sales channels, it means creating a new reality for your business, customers and the supply chain
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Ginlong Solis and Exel Solar will promote energy storage to SMEs through a self-sufficient inverter
Héctor Olea
Expert Contributor
Hector Olea
Mexican Association of Solar Energy |ASOLMEX
Distributed Solar Generation reduces operational costs and provides a range of energy benefits useful to SMEs and hard-to-reach communities.
money, budget
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Are costs really an obstacle for SMEs to go digital? Experts address the issue
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