Minister of Labor (STPS) Luisa María Alcalde disclosed the planned reform in outsourcing today.
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Highlights: Labor Minister Alcalde says outsourcing reform is ready. Finance Minister Herrera highlights good news for private sector…
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Home-office schemes remain a trend amid the pandemic, while companies also look for temps to cover shortages and face disruptions.
IMSS head Zoé Robledo during today's briefing in National Palace.
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The Ministry of Health reports the death toll has reached 27,769 and positive cases 226,089. Mexico City, State of Mexico and Tabasco have most cases
President López Obrador during June's 11 briefing in National Palace.
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Highlights: AMLO endorses proposal to create a new welfare institute to replace regulators. Laments unnecessary energy offices tolerated corruption…
Ministry of Labor (STPS) head Luisa María Alcalde during today's briefing in National Palace.
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Highlights: AMLO says World Bank loan is a routine operation and rules out any further indebtedness. No test after IMSS head confirms infection…
President López Obrador supervised the Isthmus of Tehuantepec railroad works.
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Ministry of Health reports 13,699 COVID-19 deaths after 188 are confirmed; further 3,484 new cases rise the national total to 117,103
President López Obrador was joined by several cabinet members and officers during the daily briefing in National Palace.
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Highlights: After INEGI reported a rise in corruption, the president warned local officials could face jail. Hospitals are not overflowing…
IMSS Economic and Social Benefits head Mauricio Hernández yesterday in National Palace.
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López-Gatell reported that 20 percent of patients have required general hospitalization and 5 percent intensive care; there are 2,414 new cases
After asking people to save, President López Obrador quoted a Salvador Díaz Mirón poem.
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Highlights: AMLO suggests his critics and the US newspaper coordinated an attack on him. Promoting a savings culture is the pandemic’s main lesson…
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