Minister Luisa María Alcalde
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According to STPS, the number of inspections has increased significantly, as have sanctions for irregular mining projects.
van der Zwet
View from the Top
Guido van der Zwet
iPS Powerful People USA
Despite his company’s move to Houston, Guido van der Zwet, President, iPS Powerful People USA, still sees many opportunities in the Mexican market.
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The government has called on experienced miners, who know the Sabinas area best, to help find workers and extract water from the wells.
Harvesting workers
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The Ministry of Labor seeks to protect the labor rights harvesting workers through the prohibition of outsourcing.
Coal processing
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According to CFE, micro and small producers were significantly benefited from those purchases.
Underground mine
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A preliminary list of missed person’s names has been compiled, but authorities have not made any official statements yet.
Work-related disease
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The reform to the Federal Labor Law incorporates a new table of work-related diseases in order to better protect employees.
Marcos Pascual Cruz
Expert Contributor
Marcos Pascual Cruz
Director General
Asesoria en farmacias
Pharmacies with adjacent doctors’ offices have a window to widen their participation in the national health strategy, writes Marcos Cruz.
Minimum Wage to Increase 22%
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Wage increase will likely go unnoticed as inflation continues to push consumer prices upward.
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