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The company plans to start producing chips for the automotive industry to alleviate the shortage that has caused production to shut down.
Guido van der Zwet
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Guido van der Zwet
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IPS Powerful People
Although the management of offshore personnel is different for each country, the ultimate goal is to ensure the safety of employees.
Mediamatic Amsterdam Greenhouse Restaurant
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While Mexico is preparing to de-escalate, countries like the Netherlands are taking measures to guarantee a prosperous future post-COVID-19.
N95 face mask
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As the PPE supply chain becomes more crucial by the day, an American company that struck a deal to expand in Mexico illustrates the challenges ahead.
Women Leaders COVID-19
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What is it like to be a leader? While there might be many answers, here are some examples
An airplane in between buildings.
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Next year the sector is expected to grow to double digits and increase its exports. Read more on this week’s roundup!
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Karl McDermott
Global Head of Business Development
Morpheus.Network is a global developer of a supply chain platform based on blockchain technology and an integrated cryptocurrency payment system.
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