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A historical agreement has been reached as the international community agrees to tax Multinational Enterprises with a minimum 15 percent tax rate.
Efraín Alva Niño
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Efraín Alva Niño
Extractive Industries Unit at the Ministry of Economy
Efraín Alva Niño emphasizes the importance of a proper communication strategy and the dangers of reactionary social media to the mining industry.
Adolfo Catalayud
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Adolfo Calatayud
Tax Controversy and Dispute Resolution Lead Partner in Mexico and Latin America
Adolfo Calatayud weighs in on the future of ESG in mining companies and the importance of judicial certainty for attracting investment.
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After the SAT revealed plans to eliminate the VAT zero tax incentive rate, industry representatives warned that the move could hurt the sector.
Guigui, Reyna Silver
Exploration projects are expected to increase in 2021 as the pandemic recedes. Will this be the case in Mexico?
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PEMEX position is expected to be downgraded given the negative outlook for Mexico’s sovereign rating and its expectations of increasing its debt.
Javier Vega Flores
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Javier Vega Flores
Director General
Pegaso Tecnología
Pegaso Tecnología helps companies manage their taxes and electronic records in a transparent and effective manner.
Mexico City Store
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Remittances are once again showing how integral they are to the economy as the contraction tightens.
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Mexico’s entrenched fraud problems cost the country billions of dollars each year.
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