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Jorge Valdez
Expert Contributor
Jorge Valdéz
TecSalud (Medicine and Health Sciences Faculty of the Monterrey Institute of Technology)
Society demands quality medical practice and as actors in the system, educators and students can effect necessary changes.
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Tecnológico de Monterrey welcomed Dorothy Ruiz-Martinez, Mission Control Center Systems Ops at NASA, to its Women’s Day event.
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The rover recently landed on Mars, in a mission that will create a better understanding of this planet.
Juana Rodriguez
View from the Top
Juana Ramírez
Juana Ramirez, President of ASEM, tells MBN about the development of the entrepreneurial landscape in Mexico and the priorities ahead.
Daniel Chávez
View from the Top
Daniel Chávez
Dextra Technologies
Mexico-based Dextra Technologies has built software and other IT-solutions for major US corporations
People in Café
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Mexican University, Tecnológico de Monterrey, placed fifth among Princeton’s Top 50 Undergraduate Schools for Entrepreneurship.
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One of the challenges Mexico has faced during the pandemic is online classes. SEP released its new plan for classes to be more effective.
Mexican Ventilator Stands Against COVID-19
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Talent, entrepreneurial initiatives and alliances respond to the COVID-19 pandemic with a ventilator development.
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