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The alliance will allow these two organizations to take advantage of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
President López Obrador and Business Directors in the National Palace
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The president invited business leaders to discuss infrastructure investment in Sinaloa.
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Telmex Workers began a national strike to ask for promises to be kept by the company, as well as raises in their salary and benefits.
President López Obrador
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AMLO estimates inflation will keep rising for the next three months / AMLO called for the reconciliation of Telmex and its workers.
Francisco Roldan
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Franscisco Roldan
Cyber-T is a relatively new company in the cybersecurity space. It was formed in 2018.
Young Men Karting
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A group of pilots between 14 and 17 will have the opportunity to train in Maranello and be selected to join the Ferrari Academy for a year.
The need to have a faster internet connection will cause 5G to be deployed in a more accelerated way in Mexico
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Mexico is facing infrastructure challenges. As the upstream oil and gas industry moves into a renewal phase there is a dire need for development,…
Luis Rubio
Luis Rubio
Partner at Holland & Knight
“I believe we should have seen stronger changes from the reform than those we have seen so far. At the moment, expectations are not being met.”
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