Industrial Park
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Tlaxcala is promoting its industrial development through its new industrial park Route 136 in Huamantla.
photovoltaic panel
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Enel’s solar park Magdalena II uses the latest technology to generate solar power in the most efficient way possible.
Rural pipeline
Despite increased efforts to contain this crime, fuel thieves are breaking records.
Florian Hanft - Sonavox México
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Florian Hanft
Plant Manager México
The increase in transportation and logistics costs will lead companies to source more components locally, says Sonavox.
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The UNESCO reported during its 44th session that the Cathedral Complex of Our Lady of the Assumption of Tlaxcala has made the list.
Weekly Roundups
Internal investigations reveal that the NOC decided not to charge the contractor with penalties. This and more in this week’s roundup!
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Recent released figures and media reports reveal an increase in fuel theft and illegal taps of midstream infrastructure.
CLAUZ - Mónica Doger
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Mónica Doger
Director General
“We are convinced we can foster growth within the automotive supply chain.” Read our full interview with CLAUZ, here.
Red Corn
Weekly Roundups
The fertilizer delivery program has booked significant advances in Guerrero over the last two years.
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