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Mexico remains an attractive business destination, but changes are needed in the way the country does business, says the chamber.
Carlos Godinez, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing for Transpalce
View from the Top
Carlos Godinez
Senior Director of Sales and Marketing
Transplace Senior Director of Sales and Marketing Carlos Godinez addresses how the purchasing of three companies will boost their operations
Rody Camacho, Livingston International
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Rody Camacho
Director of Trade Consulting
Livingston International
Changing trade rules can challenge the automotive industry. Livingston International monitors all modifications so clients are never out of date
Industrial Innovation Protection Law Required Before USMCA
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Two days away from USMCA’s enforcement, Mexico debates the Industrial Innovation Protection Law.
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The COVID-19 pandemic has shut automotive factories in Mexico, impacting the transport and export chain that supports the auto industry.
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