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The UNESCO reported during its 44th session that the Cathedral Complex of Our Lady of the Assumption of Tlaxcala has made the list.
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YouTube has developed a new extension to compete with TikTok and another to help with education in Mexico.
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A Campeche judge has barred construction of the Mayan Train’s second segment.
mammoth skull
Weekly Roundups
Anthropological discoveries in the Santa Lucia airport construction site need protection, according to INAH. This and more in this week’s roundup!
Louvre Museum COVID-19
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Madrid’s Museo del Prado is focusing its collection on 190 paintings, paving the way for an industry that generates US$57.6 billion annually.
Miguel Cantú
View from the Top
Miguel Cantú
Director General
Corporation for Touristic Development of Nuevo Leon (CODETUR NL)
CODETUR NL is a decentralized public organism working under Nuevo Leon's Ministry of Economy
MISS 2017
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Mexico Infrastructure & Sustainability Summit 2017: Putting the Environment First presentation highlights
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