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Girls face several barriers to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Learn more here.
Empty classroom
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Almost 25 percent of the world’s children not attending to face-to-face classes are Mexican, said UNICEF.
Lack of Access to Clean Water Threatens Public Health
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About 25 percent of the world's population does not have access to safe drinking water, say WHO and UNICEF.
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Mexico began to implement new programs to improve the country's diet and guarantee food safety.
Period Poverty: A Proposition For Public Health
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Moving toward breaking stigmas, Michoacán approves the #MenstruaciónDigna law for public schools.
View from the Top
Alejandro Von Mohr
Director General
World-class suture provider learns to adapt to an environment with fewer surgeries by diversifying its portfolio.
Vaccine Cooler UN Photos
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COVID-19 vaccines are approaching. Mexico now has to figure out how to transport them within its territory.
children during covid-19
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WHO has outlined the most vulnerable groups to the pandemic but the ones struggling the most in the long term might be children.
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Weekly Roundups
New labels on foods and beverages, the status of INSABI and the development of the Coronavirus outbreak. All this in this week’s roundup!
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