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Although auto financing has increased and sales are recovering, the sector is still struggling with illegal vehicles.
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A partnership between BBVA and Odetta aims to offer loans to buy used cars in an accessible, safe and easy way.
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OLX Autos and newcomer Odetta aim to compete with Mexican unicorn Kavak in the near future.
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President López Obrador added Michoacan to the list of states that will legalize illegally imported vehicles.
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Used vehicle online sales dominate the Mexican market while the semiconductor shortage continues.
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Representative from the Mexican automotive industry strongly rejected the President's suggestion to regularize illegally imported used vehicles.
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AMDA, AMIS and CESVI joined efforts to boost the used-vehicle market by integrating vehicles data.
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The Mexican used-vehicle sales platform will invest US$10 million in Argentina over the next 18 months.
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Eduardo Solís
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New players in the market will support manufacturing operations. KIA is now starting up in Nuevo Leon and so is Audi in Puebla.
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