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Nokia partnered with TV Azteca to study the use of 5G technology, which has demonstrated its enormous potential in the communications industry.
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YouTube has developed a new extension to compete with TikTok and another to help with education in Mexico.
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YouTube is closing the year with an analysis of its most popular content, with an explanation as to why certain videos became relevant this year.
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The pandemic has attracted brands to platforms like YouTube to promote their products or services and even reach new audiences
Email use during pandemic
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Email use has increased by 18 percent in Latin America during the pandemic. The use of chatbots and social networks has also increased.
Oscar Poblete Galván, President at REDIA
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Oscar Poblete
Regulation and Development of Artificial Intelligence (REDIA)
AI will be key for the future, where the measurement of countries' GDP will go beyond the economy to include health and health-risk factors.
Gucci Collections
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The Italian brand bets on sustainability. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Mexico was the first in the world to present its collections on YouTube.
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COVID-19 pandemic has driven a boom in online gaming, streaming and communications, putting pressure on streaming companies’ infrastructure and speed
E-commerce purchase
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An estimated 400 percent increase in panic purchases is expected during the quarantine. How is COVID-19 transforming consumer behavior?
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