Hector Robles
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Héctor Robles
President for Latin America & Vice President of Global Operations
FirstCall Corporate Security Services
Security companies can sometimes have the unusual job of giving people the good news that Mexico is a lot safer than they think.
Craig Gibson
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Craig Gibson
Technical Director
Gibson explains the main mining opportunities in Mexico and how ProDeMin is helping mining companies improve their operations and ESG performance.
News Article
The company has announced that they have received positive preliminary metallurgical test results of their Panuco project.
The recent election results have been well received as the mining sector is expected to attract more investment and improve its stability.
Weekly Roundups
Mining companies have released results of their drilling programs and announced their following next steps for 2021 programs.
Jorge Cristerna
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Jorge Luis Cristerna Medina
Operations Manager
Jorge Cristerna talks about the challenges that the automation business faces, as well as the benefits that new technologies offer.
News Article
Chesapeake Gold announced the completion of its drilling program and the next steps it will take to demonstrate the value of the Metates.
News Article
Defiance Silver announced the discovery of a new mineralization zone at San Acacio and the next steps of its drilling program.
MAG Silver
News Article
MAG Silver shared the main highlights of its 1Q21 results and its plans to continue developing the Juanicipio project.
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