Rubén de J. Del Pozo Mendoza
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Rubén de J. Del Pozo Mendoza
President of Zacatecas District
Association of Mining Engineers, Metallurgists and Geologists of Mexico
The status-quo of the economy and mining has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic but also by the past and present governments.
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Frederick Davidson
Impact Silver
Impact is probably the highest grade miner in terms of concentrate of silver in Mexico. While most other miners use AgEq, Impact does not.
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Amid concerns that dialogue channels may disappear, the former undersecretary is confident about the cultural shift he initiated.
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All outstanding disputes between Newmont and the Cedros community have been resolved.
Today's daily briefing was held in Sagalmex facilities, in Guadalupe, Zacatecas.
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Highlights: AMLO reacts to former PEMEX head accusations against three former presidents. Says no one has anything to fear, if they are not guilty…
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Some well-known manufacturers are transgressing the most elementary rules of sampling correctness, offering equipment that cannot and will not work.
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SEMARNAT approved the company's MIA, necessary for the development of the Camino Rojo gold project in Zacatecas.
big mine
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Minera Alamos will acquire the Cerro de Oro gold project in Zacatecas, bolstering the company’s total claim holdings in the district.
frente carlos pavon
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Carlos Pavón
Secretary General
National Union of Miners and Metallurgists (FRENTE)
When many unions compete with each other, extreme claims proliferate. However, the point is to reach deals that satisfy both parties.
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